Trichy Dargah History

Hazrath Nathervali Darga popularly known as NatharSha Pallivasal is located in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu.

A brief History on Trichy Thable Alam Badhusha Nathervali Oliyullah –

Hazrat Nathar vali Sha Baba born in 956 A.D. in a place called Bahannis near Baiplas City in Syria modern day Lebanon.

He was the king of Dimishk (now Damascus) for 18 Years.

One day Prophet Muhammed (Peace) ordered Natharsha valiyullah in a dream to reach Trichy and preach the religion of peace (Islam).

He came to India with 900 Qalandars and settled in Tiruchirappalli.

During his time in Trichy, many pious persons visited Baba’s Kanqah. Among them Great Chola king Raja Raja Cholan (Ponniyin Selvan), his sister Kundavai, Sithar Bogar and his disciples were attracted by Nathar Vali sha’s preaching and it is said that they have turned to Islam.

This video will give you enough information on the complete life history of the Great Sufi Saint Hazrath Thable Alam Nathar vali Badhusha (r.a.)

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