Miracle Names of Nagore Saint

  • Shahul Hameed Nagore Darga a fifteenth century Sufi Shrine built over the tomb of famous Sufi Saint Hazrath Syed Abdul Kadhir Shahul Hameed Manikapuri.
  • The Saint of Nagore is said to be the divine light of south east asia.
  • This Video explains how Kadir Vali Kanjashavayi has got many names which are popularly used by the devotees to call the Holy Saint even today.
  • SHAHUL HAMEEDH NAGOORI was born to Syed Hassan Kuthus and Bibi Fathima at Manikpur in Uttar Pradesh.
  • He was a 13th generation descendant of the renowned Sufi saint, Muyhideen Abdul Qadir Jilani.
  • He had his Islamic education at Gwalior under the guidance of Mohammad Ghouse He left on a pilgrimage to Mecca and then moved to Maldives, Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu with his spiritual team.
  • Hazrath Kadhir Vali led a simple and pious life, performing a lot of miracles, giving him the name Nagore Aandavar (meaning god of Nagore).
  • His popularity grew outside Tanjore region during the period. He was also called Meeran Saheb, Qadir Wali, Ganj-e-Sawai etc.,
  • People from all over the world visit holy darga popularly called Nagore tharka or Nagur darga on this special occasion of Kandoori / Urus festival. Nagore darga 465th year grand Urus will be celebrated in 2022.

  • This video is a Complete documentary on the secret truths behind holy names of Hazrat Shahul Hameed Badhusha Naayagam of Nagore (popular called as Nagore Saint). 
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