Sufi Saint Ahmed Kabir Rifayi

  • Syed Ahmed Kabir Rifai Biography, History, Karamat, Miracles, Waqia, Story and Rifai Silsila. 
  • Syedna Sheikh Ahmed Kabir Rifayee r.a. is the Spiritual Master of Ervadi Ibrahim Shaheed Badhusha (r.a.).
  • Ahmad al Kabeer Rifayi a Sufi Islamic teacher born in Hasten, Wasit province, Iraq.
  • He was known for living a humble lifestyle despite his great wealth.
  • His example was the foundation for the modern Rifai Sufi Order. Sheikh Ahmad Kabeer Rifai’s talks, his actions, his behavior and his every breath were for Allah.
  • He always had a smiling face, was modest and good-tempered, endured suffering, and was very patient. He did not get personally cross with anyone, and did not want any help for his own person.

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